Gianni Atzeni

Gianni Atzeni

Gianni Atzeni (Cagliari 1947), began his artistic career in the mid-seventies, when the strong interest in the visual arts pushed him to deepen the various aspects of pictorial practice and original graphics. In the '80s, he took part in the U.T.P. in Rome, and exhibited at international art exhibitions in Istanbul, Budapest, Rome, Brussels, Leeds, Vienna and Gent. After taking possession of the engraving material, through numerous courses and stages, he adopted an engraving press. In 1986, he opened under the Tower of the Elephant in the historic district of Castello, in Cagliari, his atelier the "PoliArtStudio" (artistic workshop) and, since 1999 , also the "Centro di Sperimentación Grafica" with attached printing house and exhibition space where it organizes engraving courses of traditional calcographic techniques (woodcut, linoleum, etching, aquatint, burin, drypoint, black) and experimental. From 1995 to 2013 he held seminars of ancient engraving techniques at the University of Cagliari at the request of Prof. Maria Grazia Scano Naitza, professor of History of Design, Engraving and Modern Graphics.

Currently his studio is located in Via G. Rossini, 13 Assemini (Ca).

In the same years, he linked himself to one of the most significant artistic experiences that Sardinia has known: the magazine "Thélema", conceived by Luigi Mazzarelli. Gianni Atzeni takes part in all phases of the project. Every free moment passes it to the editorial office, to work not only on the printing and binding of the volumes but creating also hundreds of monotypes, oil paintings on paper with the technique of the rollers and original prints to be attached to the copies, as in the tradition of this historical periodical, went to press and distributed until 1987.

Then he began to experiment with the most varied engraving techniques, collographs and carborundum sui generis, to continue in the nineties with the creation of large format works, always keeping his horizons in the informal polymaterial, with particular attention to the freedom of sign. His research in the specific field of engraving continues and is manifold. An atypical engraver, informalist inspiration with research phases that bring him closer to neo-figurative lyricism, he uses various ranges of materials, assembles printed papers and metal matrixes, contemplates in his artistic expression performances of performative type and large installations. Then follows a new serial production of original prints based on the use of new metals instead of the usual copper or zinc matrices: iron.

His incessant artistic activity allowed him to exhibit in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, and to start his own program of didactic activities through theoretical-technical seminars both in his studio and in the classrooms of the University of Cagliari, at the request of Prof. Maria Grazia Scano Naitza (1995-2013). He offers his experience, gained in the chalcographic sector, to guide adults and children interested in finding out how to print with previous systems the digital age. He loves hand-crafting books, paper charts, and, lastly, he performs in curious performances with plays of light, called "Kriorbs", a project studied with the composers of electronic music Roberto Zanata and Marco Ferrazza. With the association Fogli Volanti organizes creative workshops for children all over Sardinia. He participated as a conductor of workshops at the Literary Festival for teens "Tuttestorie" (Ca); Festival Controcaos (Castelsardo Ss); Literary Festival "Florinas in Yellow" (Florinas Ss); Literary Festival of Sardinia "The Island of the Stories" of Gavoi (Nu) since its foundation.

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